About St Gym

It's the usual grind: You start a new workout routine, keep up the good work during the first two month and then...

... it fizzles out 😔

Keep the momentum going

For a lot of people, it's just very hard to stick to new routines. For new routines to really stick, they need to be repeated a lot, over a sustained period of time. What could help this persistency?

The community

Why is it so much easier to stick to a routine when you're part of a club?

If you've ever been part of a communiyt you know the incredible energy you get from the others. Working out together creates a unique atmosphere, helping you push your limits. This sense of comradery, shared accomplishemnet, as well as suffering 😅, is what keeps you coming back.

Variety is the soul of pleasure

At StGym we strive to provide you with new, challenging and fun workouts. Keep the momentum by exploring new techniques and exercises that help you achieve your goals!

What is StGym

StGym tries to create the energy you get from a being part of a club, without having to be at a particular place. Maybe a bunch of like-minded people can come together to improve their fitness and wellbeing, while being part of a community that helps achieve this goal! That's what St Gym is all about.

So go ahead, create your own workout or

Happy workout 🚀